Women Sailing - Sailing trips for women only

Women Sailing stands for active sailing, exciting miles trips, professional skipertraining or individual berth charter – only for women; whether you set sail, trim, navigation, rudder go, discover snorkeling, beaches and mountains, make the deck cozy with a good book and very drinkable cocktail, catch bustling port atmosphere or feel the tranquility at anchor in a bay. Here is something for every woman. In any case, we enjoy the sea in all its facets, day or night, just pure Ocean Live.

We, a team of enthusiastic skipper will take you to the Hotspots of the various sailing areas and look forward to having you as our guests. Are you curious about class ships and exciting sailing trips that we may undertake in the coming years, with you as our guests together.

Leave everyday life behind. Enjoy your time on board in a pleasant, comfortable and safe environment. Our Sailing-trips offer the perfect setting, for example, in the spring of pleasure sailing along the enchanted south coast of Majorca , the Dreiländertörn by the Sardinian Maddalena Archipelago, midsummer nights in the Swedish archipelago or in late summer for a Miles maker with dolphins and whales to the Canary Islands. Traveled nautical miles will be happy to confirm on site.

Always be pleasant and informal Sailing Holidays experience with lots of fun in sailing and a pinch of salt air in the nose. You decide in which their cruise sailing holidays to be a lasting experience.

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