All those who wanted to ever want to feel like Robinson Crusoe, come at a Schärentörn in the Swedish-Finnish archipelago at their expense.Firstly, the thousands of small archipelago islands are exceedingly charming, on the other hand, it provides everything you need for the adventure. So you can find here great nature and a distinctive tranquility.

Explore the archipelago and take a sailing trip!It's worth it, because the islands with their many natural harbors are an awesome experience!Enjoy necessarily freshly baked blueberry pie and a cup of coffee in the Light of the North, for example, on Rödhamn. On your journey through this unique landscape you will encounter the Swedish "Allemansrätt" that allows everyone to reside anywhere in nature.

Depending on the weather, you can decide whether you're sailing ship in the evening for a port or anchored on a skerry. The infinite water surface in mind, on which the moon is reflected, the gentle rocking of the waves, a small camp fire with a good glass of wine in hand - life can be divine, especially in the archipelago.

As the center of the Swedish sailors applies Sandhamn on the island of Sandon. Here you can sunbathe on sandy beaches or plunge into the waves. Dinner is then provided in the bar at the harbor for relaxed mood; or they like it leisurely on Ostholmen.

The autonomous Finnish province of Åland is an archipelago with more than 6,500 islands and is located in the northern Baltic Sea at the entrance of the Gulf of Bothnia between Finland and Sweden. This unique island group has its own tax system, their own stamps, their own flag and Swedish as the only official language of the country.

In most of the islands in the archipelago of Åland there are small groups of rocks or outcrops windy, but more than 60 islands are inhabited.Picturesque red wooden houses, green meadows with grazing sheep and cows belong to the water of the landscape, where the open sea is never far away. 

Sailing in Finland 
Perhaps you have already heard that Finland, the "land of a thousand lakes" * is, but did you also know that the Finnish coast is dotted with tens of thousands of islands? Finland's Baltic Sea coast is the perfect destination for those who are looking for that special sailing experience.Whether they are visiting now Paula, who Leuchtturmwärterin of Bengtskär or Haapaasari on the Russian border.

Climate & Weather in the Åland Islands

Due to its island location in the Swedish and Finnish Baltic Sea, the local climate is maritime.The sea heats the cold North winds in winter and cools the hot southeast winds from the summer. Therefore, in summer prevail only about 16 to 20 ° C. However, the islands are circa 1900 hours of sunshine a year, one of the sunniest regions of Finland. The ideal time to travel to the Åland Islands in the summer from June to August.


Many airlines fly directly from Germany nach Stockholm or Turku. If you start in Mariehamn on the Aland, you take a Viking Line ferry

Ostholmen / Stockholmer Schären
Kökar Passage nach Karlby
Alands und P-Liner "Pommern" Mariehamn
Gullkrona - finnische Schären
Helsinki bis Haapaasari